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Landscape Gardening Services

Meet the Nature Halfway


Design & Planting

Design & Planting

Green leaves nursery has strived hard for designing and maintaining it for several years. We and our team have maintained a special focus on planting in Landscape garden Services .


Garden Care

Garden Care

We have good and well-equipped garden care and lawn care also; we use machines and watering system for garden care especially for live and organic plants. Even we have service.


Irrigation & Drainage

Irrigation & Drainage

The primary advantage of the nursery is to avoid unnecessary seeds and samplings of plants it is done through the irrigation system. And drainage decreases the soil content and nutrients


Roof Garden

roof garden

The rooftop garden is generally a man-made garden that has plants, artificial plants, and flowers according to our needs. Many people at urban cities wish to have a good roof garden


Landscape Gardening

Landscape gardening

Landscape Gardening Services is generally a Dutch word that means a visual image of outdoor areas. Landscaping can be done to trees, plants, botanical gardens, lawns, pathways, fences, etc.


Home Gardening

Home Gardening

Home gardening includes backyard, lawn and potted plants, terrace gardens, flower beds. First of all, we must check upon the best place and area for a home garden we should also


Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen Gardening

A kitchen is a place where small plants according to our needs are been cultivated, a kitchen garden need not be right beside the kitchen door. We can design it as customizable and also


Vertical Landscaping Gardening

Vertical Landscaping Gardening

Vertical landscaping is a method for replacing ordinary horizontal plants vertical landscaping can be done both indoors and outdoors. Vertical gardening makes watering plants easier.

garden with small palnts

A Few Words About Us

Green leaves is a plant based nursery which provides landscape gardening Services , terrace gardening, kitchen and home gardening etc. The nursery was established and maintained by our team who has experience in the plant based products the main aim to set up our nursery is to spread more environmental green and organic plants therefore we have come to a thought that our plant business will be more useful and helpful to our clients or customers.

Why You Should Choose Us

We properly see that each and every design is informed by a site’s geography, and history

We go each and every extra mile and provide service & quality oriented products

We give our customer or client 100% satisfaction and quality of our plants and its services

Our Clients